I enjoy creating fun and functional art in Kiln-Glass that reflects my creative expressions and my style of being "outside the lines".  I am a retired accountant who had to stay within the lines for too many years!  When my husband, Pat, and I both retired, we agreed to move and return to his roots in New Mexico, with three imperatives:  1) a house with a view, 2) I got to live as an artist, and 3) we'd be no more than an hour from an airport.  I explored photography, silver-smithing, and pottery, but the first time I cut glass ... I knew, "THIS IS IT!"  We now live on the Rio Grande Bosque in Bernalillo,New Mexico. I find the Bosque and the Sandia Mountains outside of my studio windows an inspiration for my work.

I do my art for therapy as it is not my job.  Each piece I create has been inspired by my life experiences as a survivor and by the strong women and the beauty that surrounds me.  I hope my work will remind you of something in your life that will give you smiles and joy as it has given me in the process of creating it.


I am fascinated by the flow and texture of melting glass.  I seek to create dimension and whimsy in my artwork that reflects the beauty and movement of life.  I do not run a production studio ... each piece is unique, specific to the design, the colors, the type of glass chosen, the temperatures used, the time consumed by heating and cooling, and multiple instances of firing (most pieces are fired 3 or more times).  Each time I open my kiln and see the result of these many steps and choices, combined with the magic and inherent chance in creative work, I feel the artist's celebration.

I design and create as the glass speaks to me.  I like the challenge and result of incorporating metal into my work.  I especially enjoy working with "Striker" and "Saturday Glass".  "Striker Glass" appears one color while I'm cutting it but will "strike" or mature to a much different color depending on the temperature I fire it.  "Saturday Glass" is extra special as occasionally, after the days work is done at the Bullseye Factory, the Glass Casters unleash their artist's powers and experiment with colors, textures and rolling techniques to invent new styles of glass.

The Work

My work is one of a kind Kiln-Glass Art hand made in my New Mexico studio using Bullseye Glass manufactured in Portland Oregon. The glass is hand made, one sheet at a time, and just like my artworks, no two pieces are the same!

My work is all hand signed "glo".  Many of my pieces also include a bit of natural turquoise and coral depicting "good fortune and protection".